CMS Sites

Also known as: CMS sites, Self-managed or Self-maintained sites.

With a tailored Content Management System for your website, you can update the content of your website yourself, without knowing any tricky codes or purchasing additional software packages. Let us do the hard work allowing you to simply adjust your site at your convenience.
When should I consider using a CMS?

1. If your site needs regular image and/or text updates
2. If your site has large amounts of content
3. If you want to be in control of updating and maintaining your site
4. If you want other people to contribute to your site

At 1clickmedia we use a system that allows ease of use to our clients. Simply log into our administration page and update the content of your site with ease. No additional software needed. Have the power to adjust change and control your site at your fingertips quickly and with ease.
Advantages of CMS Web Design

CMS enable your website to grow and change quickly and as needed.

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