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Rest assured. We have a large and varied Web Design portfolio and we specialise in getting the right site created for your business. We custom design all of our websites, keeping our clients informed each step of the way. This ensures 100% satisfaction with the completed website of your choice.


There are various options available when it comes to building a website that is right for your business. Brochure style websites are simple static sites which do not need to be updated regularly with new content. Content management Systems (CMS) websites are designed to cater for larger websites that require regular updates of its content, and Ecommerce (shopping cart) ifyou plan to sell products or services online site . The following is a list displaying the different website styles that are available through 1Click Media.
Static Site

Also known as: Basic HTML sites, Brochure Websites, and Non-updatable websites. A static Website works as an online brochure and hcontains

CMS Sites

Also known as: CMS sites, Self-managed or Self-maintained sites. With a tailored Content Management System for your website, you can update

eCommerce Sites

Also known as: Shopping Carts, Online Stores 1clickmedia's Ecommerce Shopping Cart makes it easy, affordable and quick to sell your

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